Joining the blogging world…

Sitting at my sewing machine, finishing a hem on one of the skirts from my new collection, I pondered what to blog about in my first ever blog. As usual, as I sit there and sew, a million things flit around in my brain. In case anyone’s interested, my brain looks something like this:

“What games should I have at G’s 5th b-day party? When/how can we finish that pinata we started several days ago? Will it totally deflate before I get around to finishing it? How many more hems do I have left to do after this one? How long will it take me to finish all the beading on that bodice? Will I get all this done in time for my self-imposed deadline of next Friday? What kind of shoes should I buy for next Sunday’s photo shoot? How should I go about printing my photo book? What kind of costumes can I throw together for G’s end-of-year preschool show?”

This is merely a small sampling of what actually ran through my head while I sewed that one hem. Also, the thoughts were punctuated by comments and questions from the peanut gallery – ” Mummy, can I have some tape/glue/scissors/a snack?” and ” Mummy, look at my drawing. Oh no!!!!!! I RUINED IT!!! I will NEVER be able to do another one the same AGAIN!!!”

I wonder… did my brain always work in this crazy, spazzy, disjointed way? Can I really blame motherhood or motherhood-slash-business-owning for this? I look at my nutty professor of a dad and think: “nope, it’s just in my genes,” but things have certainly gotten a wee bit crazier recently. One might argue that the time to come out with a semi-custom line of wedding gowns is not when one has a two and almost five-year-old at home with you. Or that you shouldn’t put out a line of recycled dresses at the same time. Possibly, it might be viewed as somewhat crazy to choose this time to do things like make pinatas and design preschool costumes. Hmmmm… yeah, that’s all sounding a bit daunting. Well, anyhow, I can DO it! I am super woman… right?