Stephanie Davis Designs Semi-Custom Line

I had my first official photo shoot on June 11th in N.D.G. The weather was… shall we say, questionable. My photographer, Alana and I went back and forth as to where we should take the shots. We finally decided we were best to go to a location where we had several different backgrounds to choose from since we didn’t know how long the weather would hold. I had my fingers crossed the whole time, but we managed to get all the pictures done without it raining. Phew!

I wanted outdoor pictures, but it occurred to me that the elementary school where we took our pictures wouldn’t exactly have anywhere for my model to change on a Saturday morning. Here is yet another example of how it pays to recycle: I had an absolutely hideous 90s wedding gown that I had taken apart. The fabric was terrible, but I hung onto the full skirt of the dress in case anyone ever needed a cheesy Gone-With-The-Wind costume. I pinned into a large hula hoop that my kids had and voila! Instant changing room! It was quite comical to hold up around Brooke as we helped her from one gown to the next, but it worked! (Maybe I should market them!) 😉

This collection has been a labour of love. A whole lot of things have changed in my life and in my business during the process of its creation. I have learned a lot about my business and myself as a designer. I started off thinking this line would be a way to dish out some quicker dresses, but I’ve since realized that my passion really is custom dress-making. I am not really interested in the mass manufacture of cookie-cutter gowns. I have decided to use this collection as a tool to help brides who have difficulty visualizing the finished custom gown. Yes, brides can simply choose a top and a skirt in their size and place their order, but I hope many brides will be a bit more adventurous. Why not bring in your mom’s wedding gown to incorporate? Do you want to choose organic materials? Would you like a non-traditional colour? Extra beading? No beading? A bright sash added? Custom is so much fun. I really hope brides will embrace this chance to mix and match pieces and talk to me about what we can do to make something truly unique to them.

Gowns: Stephanie Davis Designs
Model: Brooke Bresee
Photographer: alana richelle photography