Busy, as usual…

Ahhhh… motherhood. The job that keeps on giving… and taking… all of my patience and strength. Here’s the plan for what’s left of this week: Finish recycling a client’s wedding gown and alter a bridesmaid’s dress. That’s the work schedule. Now, there’s the kid-related stuff: bring daughter to new kindergarten to pick up pre-ordered (thank goodness!) school supplies at school, pick up son’s rented birthday cake pan, bake cake plus cupcakes for family party, wrap presents, prepare loot bags, buy party decorations, have parties. Then, there’s the house stuff (did I mention we’re moving?): do laundry and clean the house and do a little painting for Sunday’s open house. Of course, I will also be squeezing in a half-hour trip to the hairdresser’s to get my own hair cut (shocking, I know.) All of this must be done while refereeing for the kids, cooking meals and attempting to resist the lure of more TV babysitting time. Sigh.

OK, enough venting! This is the beginning of a new and exciting stage in our family’s life. Both kids will be starting school this fall (twice, in fact, since we’re moving to a new city part-way through the year.) The new city will be a change for Stephanie Davis Designs as well. The move will open up a new market in Ottawa, but I’ll keep working with Montreal clients as well since it’s so close. It’s a good thing I’ve become fairly adept at multitasking or I’d be in big trouble as I transition from here to there while dealing with new schools, new friends, and a new home!

Stay tuned for developments. My email address and website will stay the same throughout, so please contact me if you have need of my services.