Belated Happy New Year…

Well, as with everything I do these days, I am exceedingly slow at kicking the new year of with a blog post! Ah, well. There has been lots of change in my life recently. Our move to a new city and province (Ottawa, Ontario) has basically taken over. It’s amazing how much there is to do when you move, particularly when you have school-age children. I think I’m nearing the end of the bureaucratic hoops I’ve had to jump through in order to get new insurance, health cards, licenses, plates and registration, to name a few. This means that I am running a little low on excuses… so, back to work!

My new workshop is, shall we say… more compact than my last one. The good news is that it has forced me to get rid of a whole lot of unnecessary clutter. It’s truly astonishing how much you can accumulate throughout the years! Even with all the tossing and recycling I’ve done though, I really need to get to work creating. I have many many sample wedding gowns to ‘upcycle’ as well as a huge pile of reclaimed fabric to turn into my La Gaillarde spring collection.

This school year will be the last of my years with small children under foot as I try to get work done. I find it amazing to see all these little four-year-olds getting on buses for pre-kindergarten, something that is new to me, since there are very few full-day pre-k’s in Quebec. Next September, W will be on-board one of those buses! I’m not sure I’m quite ready for that, but I am definitely ready to have my days free of distractions from my work. I look forward to increasing production and searching out new clients. Plus, who knows if I might manage more regular blog posting! In any case, 2012 is a year of new adventures and change in my life and the life of Stephanie Davis Designs. I have a new city of potential clients to design for, while still making frequent trips to meet my Montreal clients and make deliveries. Happy 2012 (a month late) to all of you. My business resolution is to post more often and finally update my portfolio, so stay tuned!