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Posted by Stephanie on  January 30, 2018

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How to Choose the Best Wedding Dress for YOU

Posted by Stephanie on  March 5, 2014

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This is the PowerPoint presentation I used for the workshop I gave at the February 22, 2014 Tie-the-Knot wedding show at Ottawa’s Museum of Nature. It was a great show. If you missed my workshop, here are the key points to consider when choosing the best dress for you. It was a great show with many great vendors. Coffee With Friends served brides and grooms up yummy lattes, Edible Sins provided delicious goodies… Ashton Station

Finding your Dream Wedding Gown

Posted by Stephanie on  February 4, 2013

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Today was the wonderful Ottawa Bridal Party Show. It was quite the event! Brides walked in and walked past the sweet-voiced singer/pianist performing in the entrance only to arrive at the bar where they could partake of a glass of wine. This, after being given a swag bag full of goodies. The show had a wonderful intimate atmosphere lacking from the big wedding shows I’ve participated in in the past. I had the opportunity to

Ottawa Bridal Party Show today in Stittsville!

Posted by Stephanie on  February 3, 2013

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 It’s a cool venue. Saw it yesterday when I dropped off my swag bag contribution. Hope brides come in droves. Should be a fabulous party!
After talking with fellow members of Ottawa’s wedding industry last night at Mill St Brewery, I finally realized exactly what I love so much about being involved in a couple’s big day. Back in 1997, when looking through the McGill course list, I read the words: ENGL 365 Costuming for the Theatre. I had always loved fashion and sewing so I thought it sounded like fun. I went for my admittance interview with the wonderful

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