Stephanie Davis Designs Collections

Semi-Custom Collection
SD Designs produces a line of sample bodices, skirts, overskirts, and accessories which can be mixed and matched to create dresses tailored to each customer’s personal taste and fit requirements. Elements from vintage, unsold samples, family dresses or reclaimed fabrics can be incorporated upon request.

This innovative approach allows brides to essentially build a custom gown, while lowering the labour and one-off pattern costs traditionally associated with the custom-design process. Patterns for each piece will be graded immediately once an order is placed allowing sewers to simply combine the selected pieces to create the one-piece gown. This approach reduces overall costs allowing the “semi-custom” dresses to be priced lower than most major custom-design competitors.

Eco-Friendly Reclaimed Gowns

One of the lines produced by Stephanie Davis Designs is an eco-friendly reclaimed wedding gown line. This is a line of off-the-rack wedding gowns restyled from unsold samples and pre-worn gowns. Please contact Stephanie for more information.

The company also produces a line of less elaborate cocktail and casual dresses at a lower price point. These dresses may be made from non-traditional fabrics and are always made from reclaimed materials. Please contact the designer for more information.

Ready-to-Wear Collection

This collection of ready-to-wear pieces will be available at Twiss & Weber on Wellington in Ottawa, Ontario in Spring 2014!

Other Designs

Stephanie Davis Designs also does alterations and designs costumes and custom clothing made to fit your personal style and values. For more information, submit your questions via our contact page.

To see samples of Stephanie’s work, please visit her designs page.